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Meeting your metal processing requirements with powerful, efficient and reliable shredders that increase throughput and efficiency.

Rising energy costs, the increasing expense of landfill sites, diminishing natural resources and demand for recycled materials – all of these factors are driving forces behind the collection and reprocessing of our waste metals.

This is an area in which Ulster Shredders excels. The reduction and disposal of metal waste calls for dependable shredders that have the appetite for any job, large or small. We manufacture low speed, high torque industrial shredders that are designed to meet your metal processing requirements. Our drives deliver powerful, efficient, and reliable performance that ensures high throughput and efficiency. They provide the ideal way to improve your material handling capabilities, whether for reduction, recycling or recovery applications. This can include machine tool swarf, press skeletons, oil filters, metal cans and drums.

Safety is paramount feature of all our products, and it is design engineered into each machine. This not only ensures that dust and noise are kept to a minimum, but that operator safety is maintained at all times.